Endpoint security

Protection of end devices in the ICT environment is one of the most important tasks related to ensuring security. It is through the workstations, terminals and laptops on which users work most often break-in, leak confidential data or other incidents related to security breaches. Users are often unaware of the risks involved in running unknown software or visiting a dangerous website.
Recently, it has become very popular to use and connect private mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to the wireless network resources. In order to properly secure all end devices operated by users and prevent them from performing dangerous activities, as well as to protect critical data available on these devices, we offer our assistance in the selection, installation, configuration and administration of the following solutions:

  • Centrally managed anti-virus systems and application firewalls for servers and desktops
  • MDM (Mobile Devices Management) systems ensuring antivirus protection of mobile devices as well as management and remote configuration of security policies
  • Systems for inventory and software updates and forcing the installation of critical security patches