Outsourcing in the IT industry

Our mission is to support enterprises in the field of ICT systems while achieving their business goals.

Efficient management of a modern and complex IT environment requires no advanced knowledge only in terms of technology, but also business processes or defined good practices e.g. in the ITIL library. Our technical team is ready to take care of the whole or selected parts of the IT system.

By choosing outsourcing, the company decides to partially entrust certain tasks to other economic entities. Especially if these tasks are not directly related to the industry in which the enterprise operates. Outsourcing primarily aims to improve the achieved results thanks to the involvement of the best professionals available. By the way, it may turn out to be a very profitable formula, allowing you to save funds and allocate them to other strategic goals.

Start working with us

We want establishing cooperation to be very easy. We can start right away - all you need to do is contact our Customer Service Department.

Our customers

We support many well-known Polish and international enterprises, as well as serve clients from the segment of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Why a professional IT company?

We support the maintenance of the company's business continuity, we cooperate with business departments and IT departments. Our competences and experience allow for quick diagnosis and action.

Initial system audit

A simplified audit of the IT system allows you to quickly start cooperation and make the right decisions regarding the scope of service. Owners and managers get a synthetic picture of their IT resources.

Cooperation and service

Service tailored to the needs of customers. We respond to reports within 2 hours, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

What do we service?

We provide IT infrastructure administration, activities increasing system security, failure handling and maintenance, as well as user support.


Modern tools enable immediate action to be taken and problem solving within minutes, and the online notification system allows for communication with clients and work management.


In addition to detailed data on activities performed in individual months, we keep you informed about threats to the functioning of the IT system and possible ways of removing them.