Risk management

In order to properly care for the security of the ICT infrastructure and the company, it is necessary to properly learn and audit the solutions used in terms of problems that may cause a break in their work. Each of the systems having a direct or indirect impact on the company's business processes should be inventoried and the threats that may affect its stability should be named and assessed in terms of the probability of their occurrence. For each of the possible threats, it is also necessary to estimate the possible costs that the company will incur if they occur. To help you define, analyze and minimize the existing threats, our company offers the following services

  • Development of BIA (Business Impact Analysis) aimed at defining and assessing the impact of individual threats on business operations
  • Development of business continuity plans and procedures
  • Development of DR (Disaster Recovery) procedures to restore the proper functioning of business processes in the event of critical events (flood, fire, theft of infrastructure elements, etc.)
  • Development of security policies and regulations tailored to the company