IT security, network sealing

Do you want your network not to be an easy target for hackers? If so, take care of it - perform regular actions to protect your data and applications. We offer packages of regularly performed services that will give you a sense of security. Below you will find a list of activities performed along with the suggested frequency of their implementation. Choose a set for yourself and contact us by filling out the form!

  • Every week

Update management: verification of updates to operating systems and anti-virus software.

Verification of the correctness of backup procedures, taking into account the test recovery of resources - BACKUP.

  • Every two weeks

Infrastructure inventory: regularly scans the network for emerging new or unidentified hosts.

  • Every month

Security Bulletin (regular updates on new threats and how to avoid them).

  • Every 2 months

Verification of the correctness of backup procedures, including test recovery of resources - RESTORE.

  • Every quarter

Vulnerability scanning: scanning services for technical vulnerabilities, reporting these vulnerabilities and preparing remedial recommendations.

Verification of data security (network resources, data carriers, documents).

  • Every six months

Control of compliance with applicable security procedures and policies (e.g. password policy, clean desk/screen, logging out, etc.).

Anti-phishing tests.

  • Each year

Security awareness training for employees.