IT engineering consulting

For enterprises and organizations, we offer an expert engineering consultation service in the field of IT solutions. Such assistance may prove useful to you during implementations and when diagnosing and removing complex technical problems. During the 30 years of the company's operation, our team has accumulated unique experience from large and complex installations.

We sell consultations in hourly packages. Please contact us to arrange the details. The scope of our engineering services includes the following technologies:

Microsoft Windows Servers

The entire spectrum of Microsoft server solutions, the Microsoft Active Directory directory service and various types of integrations with external systems such as firewalls, LAN and WAN networks, Microsoft 365 environments and others.

Advanced LAN and WAN

Large networks consisting of many devices, equipped with reliability mechanisms at the LAN level and backup WAN links, guaranteeing efficient and secure operation of applications. Support during the implementation of network management and monitoring systems.

Internet connections and firewalls

Redundant and scalable connections to the Internet secured by efficient clusters of firewalls.