Prevention of leakage

Theft or accidental leakage of data through ICT may expose the organization to civil, criminal or other unpleasant consequences leading to loss of good image and real financial losses. To prevent such situations, we offer you our help in implementing DLP (Data Loss Prevention) solutions. Systems of this type help protect confidential and business-critical data by:

  • detection of sensitive data in network traffic in a manner similar to intrusion detection systems or in files saved on external media in a manner similar to anti-virus programs;
  • classification and weighting of files in the local system based on the content of sensitive data, and then controlling the transfer of these files over the network or saving them to external media,
  • blocking of writing to external media,
  • transparent encryption and decryption of sensitive documents so that they never leave the organization unencrypted, and inside the organization are only readable by authorized persons (information rights management systems - IRM).