WLAN networks

WLAN networks are an indispensable element of the IT infrastructure in enterprises for which mobility and high availability of services are the basis for achieving business goals. Our wireless installations can be found in warehouse and production halls, chain stores and offices. Our experience in designing and implementing wireless networks has allowed us to develop a comprehensive offer for the delivery of secure solutions based on proven standards and practices used in wifi networks.

We make sure that our solutions provide maximum benefits to our clients. 

Our WLAN implementation offer includes the following services:

  • site survey - WLAN network measurements, allowing to determine the location and number of access points that will guarantee the required speed when accessing the WLAN. Performing measurements guarantees full WiFi coverage while maintaining the highest transmission speeds for a given technology, ensures signal continuity and optimization of the number of access points.
  • design and optimization of the concept - when implementing wireless networks, we use technologies that increase efficiency, stability and guarantee full monitoring of the network's operation. Networks based on redundant controllers, a management server, tools for advanced analysis of mobile services and reporting are the most common design scenarios in enterprise environments. When designing, we use specialized software that allows us to determine the optimal locations of access points, ensuring the appropriate level of radio signal, while reducing installation costs to a minimum.
  • ensuring the safety of - WLANs can be vulnerable to attacks and unethical user behavior. To secure your network, complex passwords and WPA2 encryption are no longer sufficient. The security we use is the authentication of the user in the network with the use of domain passwords, dedicated RADIUS servers or one-time password servers. Additionally, the authentication process can be strengthened by means of certificates issued individually for each device. A necessary element of a safe WLAN network is a correctly made contact with the corporate network. Traffic should be passed through the fire gate and filtered down to TCP ports only for those services that are to be accessed by mobile users. An additional security for the wireless network is the WLAN IPS solution, which, by observing the network environment, is able to detect and neutralize attacks on the wireless network.

Security audit after WLAN deployment

The final stage of implementation is the performance of a security audit, which allows you to verify the network security methods used and their susceptibility to threats. We check existing networks for vulnerability to attacks and perform penetration tests - in this way we check the operation of security systems and threat detection. In the event of irregularities - we develop a security policy implementation plan, taking into account the current state of knowledge about the security applied.