Web and content security systems

The security of the ICT network and the content transmitted through it can be considered the basis for the security of the entire infrastructure, and thus of all business processes. Without a secure network, which is the backbone for all ICT services and the data sent over it, there is no secure organization. 

Web and content protection

To help you in the difficult task of protecting your network and the content sent in it, we offer support in the selection, installation, configuration and administration of the following solutions:

  • IPS / IDS probes (Intrusion Prevention / Detection System) - aimed at detecting attacks based on network traffic signatures and appropriate counteraction by blocking malicious traffic
  • Firewalls and NG Firewalls - for securing and filtering traffic at points of contact with the Internet or at the border of individual network segments, at the level of not only the network and transport layer, but also the application layer
  • Web gateways and proxy servers - for filtering traffic sent via HTTP, HTTPS and FTP protocols to eliminate threats related to attacks on web browsers
  • Email and anti-spam gateways - filtering SMTP, POP3 and IMAP protocols to eliminate spam and threats from virus-infected attachments
  • VPN gateways - ensuring safe access to corporate network resources from the outside
  • UTM devices - combining various of the above functionalities
  • SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) systems - aimed at correlating various system events and assessing the related risk