Architecture of IT Systems

In the daily work of the enterprise, it is important to have an efficient and reliable IT infrastructure that enables the efficient functioning of office applications and ERP systems, and thus allows you to focus on key processes in the enterprise. IT systems should provide users with a sense of certainty that they are reliable and that possible failures will be removed in a scheduled time. In this sense, the IT infrastructure must be "invisible" to employees. In order to achieve these goals, it is necessary to prepare technical designs in accordance with the requirements and efficiently implement the selected solutions.

Low voltage installations

Structured cabling, CCTV systems, alarm systems, SSP systems, access control, guaranteed power supply, building management.

LAN networks

Reliable, efficient and fault-resistant LAN networks for large and medium-sized enterprises based on proven technologies of the best producers of ICT solutions.

WAN networks

Wide-area networks covering the entire country and Europe, built in cooperation with proven link providers. Our networks support even several thousand locations.

WLAN networks

Site-survey, simulations, designs and implementations of wireless networks for the most demanding customers for offices, warehouses, shops and healthcare.

Building a data center

Server rooms equipped with 19 "racks, guaranteed power supply (UPSs and aggregates), precision air conditioning, fire extinguishing systems and access control.

Backup and archiving

We protect data against loss and ransomware. We make backups to local resources and to the cloud (Azure, AWS, Google) ensuring protection of physical and virtual environments.

Collaboration systems

Implementations and migrations between e-mail systems and groupware applications (Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, HCL Domino) allowing for the improvement of processes in enterprises.

Data integration and Business Intellignence solutions

Integration of data from various systems and applications as well as reporting to improve business decision making.