Security of IT systems

Nowadays and in the current geopolitical situation, ensuring IT security of the resources of enterprises and organizations is particularly important. The security of company data, confidential data of employees and customers must be guaranteed. Key processes in the enterprise, production, sales, logistics and applications must function smoothly and be resistant to cyber attacks.

The threats from hackers, malware and various bots are quite real. Therefore, maintenance of IT systems, application of good practices and periodic IT security reviews must become routine administrative activities, properly planned and performed on a regular basis.

Security audits

Multilevel checking of the IT system at the technical and organizational level in terms of vulnerability to threats.

Penetration tests

Detailed research on the resistance of infrastructure elements, applications and organizations to attacks by hackers and malware.

Security policies

Processes and appropriate procedures and documents ensuring data security and business continuity.

Web and content security systems

Data security during their transmission and securing access to them, as well as protection against attacks that hinder the operation of the network.

Endpoint security

Protection of end devices such as computers, notebooks and smartphones from malware and attacks.

Prevention of leakage

The theft or leakage of data may threaten the functioning of the company, its reputation and expose it to legal liability.

Risk management

Harmonious connection of threats and the probabilities of their occurrence with budgets and applied security solutions.

Physical security

Securing IT resources also at the physical level through the use of access control systems, appropriate rooms and other solutions.