Why is it worth using the services of a professional IT company

Cooperation with us means benefits in terms of:

  • Business continuity of the enterprise - applications and business systems are always available,
  • The sense of security and comfort of business departments - fast help, friendly service, work comfort,
  • IT departments' sense of security - expert support, assistance in case of failure, multi-person competences.

Maintaining the IT system by UpGreat will bring many benefits to your company:

  • focus on core business and simplification of the organizational structure,
  • independence, transparency and control over own resources,
  • full liability on the part of the external partner as a legal person,
  • predictable costs of owning IT resources,
  • periodic reports on the state of the IT system - always up-to-date documentation - the possibility of planning IT development.

UpGreat as an external company specializing in IT services is:

  • knowledge transfer to the client, extensive substantive competences and experience resulting from servicing many companies of various sizes,
  • availability of support regardless of the time of day and year,
  • extensive technical facilities including also producers of IT solutions.

Thanks to cooperation with UpGreat:

  • Clients are not affected by problems related to personnel management (sickness, holidays, rotation),
  • there is no need to finance the development of your own specialists,
  • data processed in the company are well protected thanks to the technical solutions we use,
  • Customers have a guarantee of business continuity.

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