Initial system audit

Starting cooperation requires determining the current state of IT solutions in the enterprise. It should be determined which key business processes are dependent on IT systems and to what extent. You also have to answer the question whether there are breakdowns, how do they affect the company's operations, or whether the IT system enables the company's business development. At this stage, the management boards and owners of companies define their expectations towards IT.

The next step is to check the current configuration of infrastructure elements, servers, software in order to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the solutions, and to detect and name single points of failure. As a result of our activities, together with the client, we have knowledge about the configuration of the systems.

The client receives a post-audit report containing a number of structured information:

  • expectations and plans in relation to IT systems at the business level,
  • key information about the current configuration of IT solutions,
  • to what extent the infrastructure meets the needs and expectations of the company,
  • what is the level of data security and what are the possibilities of maintaining business continuity.

In connection with the audit, the client receives the following benefits:

  • knowledge about "IT condition"
  • information on threats and necessary further actions,
  • the ability to consciously define business requirements in terms of business continuity,
  • the basis for talks about the shape of the planned service contract.


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