Good practices defined, inter alia, in ITIL libraries, they require the services provided by IT for business and their parameters to be strictly defined in the SLAs. In order to verify the quality of service, it is necessary to define measurable values, the reporting of which will provide information on the level of services provided and possible weaknesses of the IT system.
The solutions used by our support department allow to generate, among others reports on:

  • response times to the notification,
  • application handling times,
  • the most frequent notifications,
  • the most time-consuming notifications,
  • all the time spent on service,
  • the number of notifications in any time frame,
  • the number of notifications from a given person / department / organization.

 As part of our service contracts, we also prepare optional monthly or quarterly reports for boards and management showing the current state of IT systems: usage statistics, significant problems, system weaknesses, threats and potential actions necessary to be performed.

Thanks to reporting, managers have synthetic information at their disposal to help them make the right decisions in the field of operating activities and budget plans.

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