Our customers

We have been serving our clients for almost 30 years under permanent service contracts. We have been cooperating with some of these clients almost from the beginning of our activity, and most of them have been bound by long-term contracts. We treat it as an expression of trust and evaluation of our work at the same time.

Our clients include both large companies and enterprises from the SME sector. In some cases, the scope of our service covers all the needs of enterprises regarding ICT systems, while in others only a certain part. Below are some examples of cooperation, permanent service cooperation.

  • In one of the largest retail chains in Poland, we take care of an extensive network combining thousands of locations.
  • At the Bridgestone tire factory in Poznań, we are responsible for the local network, servers, mass storage, backup and support for some users.
  • We also work for the multi-branch company Nijhof-Wassink in Poland and the Netherlands. In this case, the scope of our services is network support, on-premise and cloud applications, as well as daily troubleshooting of users.
  • In the accounting and advisory office BOOQ Sp. z o. o. we are responsible for all IT-related issues. Including, in particular, for applications used by accounting, work with Microsoft 365 applications, document management, server infrastructure, local and wireless networks, contact with the Internet, users' computers and printing.

Our mission is to ensure the uninterrupted and safe work of users, anticipate problems and advise our clients on optimal solutions from their point of view.

If you are interested in references or a conversation with our clients about our service, please call us or send an e-mail to: