How to avoid cybercriminals? - UpGreat training at WZP "Lewiatan"

On May 28 this year. The Wielkopolska Association of Employers Lewiatan invites you to a training entitled "How to avoid cybercriminals?" run by our IT security specialist.

 The training will cover the following issues:

  1. Where is the growing popularity of computer crimes coming from?
  2. Why are the rank and file of the organization the most frequent target of attacks?
  3. What are social engineering techniques and why are they effective and popular?
  4. Examples of social engineering attacks.
  5. Effects of cybercriminals' actions on individuals and organizations.
  6. Security incidents and legal regulations.
  7. What preventive measures should be implemented in the organization?

At the end of the presentation, a link to a more detailed study on security policies and risk analysis will be provided.

Training date: May 28, hours. 16.00–18.30.
Place of training: Wielkopolski Związek Pracatorów Lewiatan, ul. Grunwaldzka 104, local 216, 2nd floor

Registration for members of the Association at the address

We invite!