Cisco DUO – universal multi-factor authentication

Cisco DUO – security in subscription


Multi-factor authentication, also known as MFA (Multi Factor Authentication), is currently an essential element of securing access at the edge of the network, and in environments requiring an increased level of security, also internal access to networks and applications. As part of multi-factor authentication, in addition to standard data such as user and password, an additional factor generated by the system is introduced. Only by providing three correct elements, the user can be authenticated and granted access to network resources.

Upgreat Systemy Komputerowe Sp. z o. o. is an experienced Premier Partner of Cisco Systems. We will implement two-factor authentication with Cisco DUO and secure your network.

Below are the most important features of the Cisco DUO system:

  • Cisco DUO is a cloud solution, and its implementation does not require additional resources in the customer's infrastructure. It's quick and relatively easy.
  • Cisco DUO offers the following additional authentication factor options: confirmation from a mobile application, a short SMS text message, a phone call, and a hardware token.
  • Cisco DUO provides an API compliant with the SAML 2.0 standard, allowing for easy integration with any application. This allows you to authenticate access to many applications, such as: Office 365, Salesforce, Dropbox, Zoom and others.
  • Built-in integration with directory services: Active Directory and Azure AD.
  • Integration with a wide range of remote access termination solutions. Among others: Cisco FirePower, Fortinet, Sonicwall, Paloalto.
  • The list of ready-made integration platforms can be found at
  • In Premier and Advantage versions, monitoring the security status of customer devices, operating systems and applications and verifying their compliance with policies.
  • The infrastructure for European entities is located in the AWS environment in Europe.
  • The list price is 3$ per user per month for Cisco DUO Essentials, 6$ for Advantage, and 9$ for Premier.
  • Subscription licensing.


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