UpGreat and Palo Alto Networks at Mus Bar in Poznań

Palo Alto Networks

On Thursday, June 28 this year. in Mous Bar a dedicated meeting will be held on the 15th floor of the Bałtyk office building in Poznań technical security issues related to the GDPR.

In a pleasant atmosphere of a business breakfast with a view of the whole of Poznań, we will discuss data leakage and theft protection offered by Palo Alto Networks (Next generation Firewalls and TRAPS):

  • Securing personal data,
  • Data protection against unauthorized access / theft,
  • Reporting on events related to data theft.

 Information on the meeting agenda can be found here here. Please register using form on our websitej.

For more information on the compliance of Palo Alto Networks products with GDPR requirements, see here.